A Young City Strays

a prairie diamond         reflecting
bonfire ballerinas
hip honkey-tonkers
rockabilly betties
indie incantations seeding incarnations of the west
no sea to gaze upon as lovelorn sailors
save for the amber waves
a back forty ripple of grain
to sip to plunge into the core
to ripcord the evenings to shake off the glories and pains
of gallow’ed nights
and hung days
to be 17 on 17th
kings and queens of Kensington
bridging the land
Stephen and Stephanie caressing under tesla trees
slipping through low doors
sliding on oat-slickened rock-worn floors
fuzzy naval blending with fuzzed-out bass
high kicks meshing with melted face
too young to live this late
too old not to jump the gate
stealing away a moment in the towering lights
as a young city strays.

~ M.D. Mosley

M.D. Mosley studied professional writing and communications at MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta before returning home to Calgary in 2013 to pursue opportunities in the field of creative writing and the educational development of youth through literacy programs.

Near Stanley Park

Jude Dillon Near Stanley Park

~ Jude Dillon

Jude Dillon was born in Kingston, Ontario. He graduated in English from Queen’s and spent a few years as a news photographer, winning several awards. Jude also studied painting at the Alberta College of Art + Design. He has been published in magazines online and in print, throughout Canada, United States and Europe. Solitary walks, guitar playing and reading are distractions that inspire.

Century Gardens

“This inner city park
is for passive recreation.
No game playing.
No climbing on concrete
(or trees).”
– City of Calgary Parks Bylaw 36/76 Calgary’s own crackhead corner
green junk lawn mown weekly
brutal ledges and bridges
like powerhouse bruising
built from cement and cigarettes. This is a passive park. Beer bottles set sail in the water features
that no one wants to set foot in,
carved out in the space between
the nervous-steady C-train
and Jenga-block high rise apartments. Stringless marionette can collectors
shuffle past old mothers on benches
hand-holders lying on southern grass and
young commuters turning pages for a train
all pretending they don’t see each other. This is a passive park. “No climbing on concrete.”
The first time I notice this sign
it’s because a thirty year old
is doing flips off the wall beside it
– lessons in situational irony. Sweatpanted athletes throw themselves from
corner to corner
worn sneakers scrabbling over cement
inches above water-splashed ledges
hands slapping the dark side of bridges. This is a passive park. No one else lingers here for long
except once-a-year cowboys
being taught how to do handstands,
and traceur tourists come to use
Calgary’s own parkour hotspot. From the sidewalk it is nicknamed crackhead corner,
because pedestrians don’t have time to stop,
catch that train, get from point A to point B,
to reclaim a little space from the margins.
But we’re not meant to. This is a passive park.

~ Bethan McBreen

Bethan McBreen is a young writer, poet, and athlete from Cochrane, Alberta. She is currently an arts student at Mount Royal University, taking Psychology and English.


wilf wenzel_rock copy

~ Wilf Wenzel

Wilf Wenzel was born in Guatemala, raised in Germany and came to Canada with his family in 1955. He taught art for 35 years in Calgary, inspiring hundreds of students with his wild imagination, creativity and humour. He now lives in Sooke, BC, where he continues to practice photography, sculpture and painting.

On the Benches at Sien Lok Park

A poem found in the inscriptions

Donated for your enjoyment
In honour of our pioneering forefathers
In Loving Memory
of our beloved Father and Grandfather
May we follow in his steps. Artist and Philosopher
The Candy Apple Man
1st Generation Canadians
Native Calgarians
Proud Calgarians. Ever Remembered
With love and gratitude for Immigration
from China to Canada
Well done, thou good and faithful servant
Who cared for our community.

~ Dale Lee Kwong

Dale Lee Kwong has been an ENG News Editor at Global Television for 26 years. She is also an award-winning playwright, published poet and essayist with work in Somebody’s Child: Stories about Adoption, Modern Morsels, Canadian Literature and splinterswerve. Kwong is a proud native Calgarian who is inspired by Sien Lok Park. In 2014 her work will be included in A Family By Any Other Name: Exploring Queer Relationships.