Alberta Girls

The muses at the front of the class
dream life begins
beyond the frost-starred windows.

Trudging home to sunset bell
in boot-crunching snow
and cows spill in to fill corrals

and home is far across the yard
till horses stabled and watered
and alone in the manger prairie girls

glow by the light by the door
and they are solitude and beauty
in their denim jackets and their wheat straw hair

in their cowgirl blouses and their coal black hair.

Adulthood races in: grassfire.
Part-time jobs as counter-girls, cashiers;
awash in city lights

the cartboy’s yell delivers us to
prairie girls, their eyes so clear
and filled with so much sky

they explode the darkness in you.

By summer all is light. Sky
as it was in the beginning
is now and ever shall be

evening everlasting.

Fire smoulders at night.
Below the stars you find
the darkest places in Alberta girls.

They love you, brand you
in their towns burned black
against the mountains’ sunset glow.

When you find the darkest
places in Alberta girls
they show you everything they’ve longed for

in their dreams uplifted till they all turn inside out.
In their clapboard towns tornadoed
by the weight of so much sky

they are hardly held to the earth.
You are not enough
to hold them there yourself.

They know sky and darkness, enduring
like the coal seams
pressed into this windblown land

they ignite the darkness in you.

~ Ian Ferrier

Ian Ferrier does spoken word and music shows throughout Canada, in New York and in Europe. He has released one CD/book Exploding Head Man (2004) and two CDs, What is this Place (2007) and Pharmakon MTL – To Call Out in the Night (2011). He is the founder of the record label Wired on Words, of the Mile End Poets’ Festival, of the online magazine and of Montreal’s monthly Words & Music reading series, now in its 14th year. He currently creates voice, verse and music for the dance project For Body and Light.

Fragments VI

Pam Weber, Fragments VI, acrylic on rolled canvas, 8 x 7 in, 2013

~ Pam Weber

Pam Weber is a gallery represented artist that has called Calgary home since moving here with her family in 1995. The evolution of Pam’s art has been influenced by the unique light and colourful landscape of Calgary and surrounding environs.



~ Kye Kocher

Kye Kocher is a hoping-writer residing in Calgary who loves the mountains and snow and loves winter more than summer. This is his attempt to use the Blackfoot language in a further attempt to reconcile his life in a city once home to a powerful people sometimes forgotten.

Whispering Grass, Nose Hill


~ Christian Grandjean

Christian Grandjean a photographer/printmaker working and living in Calgary for the last 25 years. “I study the world surrounding me and I respond to light, space, and color as opposed to recognizing a landscape, a sky, a city. I try to capture not a ‘window’ on a building facade but the complex architecture of light-space-color and create a composition from it.”

Sunrise or Sunset?

jude dillon sunrise or sunset

~ Jude Dillon

Jude Dillon was born in Kingston, Ontario. He graduated in English from Queen’s and spent a few years as a news photographer, winning several awards. Jude also studied painting at the Alberta College of Art + Design. He has been published in magazines online and in print, throughout Canada, United States and Europe. Solitary walks, guitar playing and reading are distractions that inspire.