Blue Sky Seeks No Definition

Here, at the edge,
fear scrapes my throat
and paranoia pummels my belly
as this vast new space
emerges before our astonished eyes
like a world waiting to be traveled
or a poem begging to be written.
Here, at the edge,
I must decide
like an urbane raven,
to soar on whatever thermals
we might encounter,
or turn back to murky safety,
my solitary fortress
grey with the absence of passion
and predictable as prayer.
Here, at the edge,
an expanse of undefined sky
as blue and joyful as your eyes
seduces me and I fall,
reaching my hand out
to a beatitude we share
that mocks elucidation
and keeps time to
its own fierce metre.

~ Dymphny Dronyk

Dymphny Dronyk is a writer, artist, mediator and mother. She is passionate about the magic of story and has woven words for money (journalism, corporate writing) and for love (poetry, fiction, drama, mystery novels) for over 25 years. Her first volume of poetry, Contrary Infatuations, was published by Frontenac House as part of Quartet 2007.

After years of rambling on an eclectic career path (camp cook, editor, waitress, photographer), her gypsy spirit took root in the Peace Country and her energy is now directed towards raising her 3 children and running her business (Dynamic Data Complete Emergency Response Planning).

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