Crow in Grass

Atop green June blades
out of which myriad dandelions
forest, each tiny trunk hoisting
its white globe of seeds,

stalk three crows. The nearest
pistons head and neck as she paces,
eyes swiveling left and right

to secure the wildness
these beaks bring.

~ Tom Wayman

Tom Wayman currently teaches English and creative writing at the University of Calgary, after a long career teaching in mainstream and alternative post-secondary writing programs in B.C. In Winter 2007 he was the Fulbright Visiting Chair in Creative Writing at Arizona State University, and in October 2007 will hold the Ralph Gustafson Chair in Poetry at Malaspina University-College, Nanaimo, B.C. His most recent books (2007) are a collection of poems, High Speed Through Shoaling Water, and a first collection of short fiction, Boundary Country. He is president of the board of Sheri-D Wilson’s Calgary International Spoken Word Festival.

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