Upper Kananaskis Lake

shimmering green-blue, emeralds cut into sapphires
white caps rise in gusts, undulating heat
receding glacier clings to rock overhang
tree line advances
– a mirage of creeping forward.

Pas trop chaud, pas trop chaud,
father placates offspring, shrouded from head to foot
in trousers, long-sleeved shirts, visored caps
approach water’s edge avec trepidation.
As if irradiating solar light
could conspire with glacial lake
to scorch exposed skin
as if mirage might defy itself
blink of an eye
deluge of glacial ice, water
cup running over
as in biblical times, legendary Noah constructed ark
from timber felled in collapsed glacier’s path.

grey granite rocks punctuate clay bed
some splintered, sharp as serrated knife
flat skipping stones break waves
green blades of grass sparsely take hold.

~ Barbara Janusz

A graduate from the University of Alberta with Bachelors of Arts and Laws degrees, Barbara Janusz resides in the Crowsnest Pass, where she is engaged as a contributing writer for EnviroLine, The Business Publication for the Environmental Industry. Runner up winner of the Jon Whyte Memorial Essay Prize in 2001, she has published essays, short stories and poetry in various literary journals, anthologies and magazines.

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  1. Lovely imagery and voice. The Kananaskis is a spectacular amphitheatre, and you captured this snapshot moment in this poem.

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