Where Are You From?

I’m from
Byemoor – no – that’s a town.
From a farm, near
Gough Lake.
Okay. An alkaline
slough bottom.
How much land?
Seems like
a big number
but everything’s relative,
even home.
I come from as much land as a man can farm
singularly with occasional help
in busy seasons.

~ Gayle Sacuta

Gayle Sacuta lives in Devon, Alberta. She spends her time exploring creativity by caring for her family (nurturing three boys, baking artisan bread), making fiber art (weaving, spinning and felting), playing and writing music (fiddle and guitar) and promoting literacy (kids song and story workshops, adult literacy programs).

2 Responses to “Where Are You From?”

  1. I love the definition of place portrayed in this piece. Nice.

  2. Nicely done.

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