Wild Onions

creek ducks the boundary fence
leaves it slackjawed & dangling
spring the cattle

wallow in runoff mud
play their spines along the wire

up the coulee
ironstone peters to cactus
wild lupine

the onions are found
by scent bite
of trodden leaves
bulbs unearthed like molars
crepuscular canyon light

wild taste of
earth & dark water

coyote on a lip of land ochre
moon saddling predawn sky

~ Jenna Butler

Jenna Butler is an educator, book reviewer, editor and poet. Her work has won a number of awards and has been widely published in literary magazines, journals and anthologies in North America and Europe. She has edited nineteen collections of poetry in Canada and England, and is currently working toward a PhD in Creative and Critical Writing from the University of East Anglia, UK. Her new collection of poems, Forcing Bloom, is scheduled for release by Mercutio Press in 2007. Butler lives in Edmonton, Alberta with her husband, where she is the founding editor of Rubicon Press.

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