The Angel of Simon

is a tiny
orange fire
the flat.
He shakes

and topples
house plants,
gravity as he
leaps at
paper bows,
climbs to
the tops
of screens
in a flash!
Simon hunts—
chases gum
extension cords,

breaks a lampshade.
After the scolding he
fizzles out, falls asleep
in the middle
of the floor.
The angel
of Simon
prowls among
tropical plants,
dreams that
he’s a big
jungle cat.

~ Pierrette Requier

Pierrette Requier, facilitator of the Wind Eye Poetry Seminars for 8 years, has been involved in the Edmonton poetry performance scene for 16 years. She has read in many venues across Alberta and has recently completed manuscript of prose poems in a bilingual (English/français) Northern Alberta dialect. Eleven of her pieces will appear in February 2008 in Other Voices, Edmonton’s Journal of the Literary and Visual Arts.

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  1. Pierrette: I was at your workshop at the Author’s Assn. You had given me your card and info about the Wind Eye Poetry Seminars — could you send that to me again please?
    Thank you.
    Lana Shepherd

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