The Bus Stop

No one wanted to see
but everyone watched

The self-righteous bitch
with too-red lipstick
condemned him
and his bottle
the young mother
dragged her questioning child
out of range
the old women
tsked, tsked

no one wanted to admit
he was there
sprawled in a corner

and then
my bus arrived

~ Laura Dennis

Laura Dennis lives in Edmonton with her husband. Although she has written poetry for most of her life, she has only recently begun thinking about pubishing it. This is her first published poem.

5 Responses to “The Bus Stop”

  1. Painted me a graphic picture and made me think. Would like to see more of Laura’s work published.

  2. congrats on your first publication

    this is how it all begins

    welcome to the world of us poetresses !

  3. Laura you inspire me that you stepped out of the box and published your work.

    Your writings are a joy to read

    Hugs to you!

  4. Wow….that was a great poem! I’d love to read more Laura!
    Share your words…that you’ve been writting all your life.

  5. Astute, sharp, lots of images in few words… that’s only the peak of the Laura I know and love to listen to.
    Let it loose, Laura, let it loose!!

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