Shuswap Sunflowers

September in the Shuswap: mountains 
layer smoky fall evenings with fairgrounds coffee
rich in midnight blue mornings of Indian summer.

The lake’s marshland algae
echoes moss-soft meadow green-up
while peat decomposes, drenching soil
that feeds weed-choked railway sleepers.

Over the crest, to the foothills they stand out
stretching wings. August yellow sentries
guard the last dazzling rays, waiting
for geese
to call
to call.

See you again
when the Salmon River icemelt
brings you back upcountry, to sun
feathers drooping just ever so slightly.
They want to fly south, but can only press
petals, resist white picket fenceposts.
In drying they long for the faraway
and skyward.

~ Maureen Egan

Maureen Egan is a BC based editor who has received invaluable writing instruction and encouragement from several of Canada’s great poets. As a result, many of her poems have been read (out loud!) at writers’ events around the province; still others have been published in both print and online literary periodicals.

9 Responses to “Shuswap Sunflowers”

  1. Yee haw ! … one more for the Shuswap Seesaw ….
    brings back memories … thank you for that …

  2. I’ve never been but now want to have the Salmon River icemelt take me “upcountry” !

  3. Gorgeous poem, Maureen!

  4. What a lovely poem, Maureen! Brings back all kinds of memories of the Shuswap.

  5. it doesn’t rhyme mo mo but your coming along

  6. hey m – what’s with the beautiful poem – i had to keep rereading the fourth stanza for the eerie melancholy it evokes – and ‘feathers drooping just ever so slightly’ – the imagery of fowl and fellow man – but i especially love your use of ‘and’ in the last line – it makes the poem soar…

  7. Lovley – I like your use of indentations, your shape, your language…

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