after Celan
— for the deaths of many

Beginningless– a kind
of, what?
terrible patience
perhaps, content to turn
each again into the green milk
of daybreak, that evening cloud,
sips it at midday, voice
or choice of ever that night.
And drink
each dark into its corner,
sweep carefully after, before,
& shovel a new grave in the air
just– so– so’s you won’t
be cramped or have to die
a second & a second time.

~ Allan Brown

Allan Brown’s work first appeared on blueskiespoetry in December, 2008. His 20th volume of poetry, the on-line chapbook Sentences (Coracale Press), appeared in January, 2009. His twenty-first volume of poetry, the 11-part sequence “Excursions” will be published by Alfred Gustav Press in November.

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