The Butcher and the Baker

At Peter’s Meats, and his brother Mike’s Bakery,
the two families are not just making old-fashioned,
choice cuts and tasty pastry behind the counters,
but combining DNA with pinches of sugar and juicy pork loins
to give their customers front-of-house service
the chain grocers can only hope to hire.

Handsome football and soccer star sons practice the
art of the knife behind the open butcher block window,
while the leggy, girl-next-door daughter geniuses
calculate your bill and bake your buns.

Deviations will sometimes occur along the bloodline:
Suzie will want to play soccer with the boys,
learn to handle meat in her burgundy smock.
James may want to make scent-specific candles,
aromas reminding us of the best parts of growing up in a loving family,
of life happening around us in a rub-a-dub tub.

~ Jordan Trethewey

Jordan Trethewey is a writer living in Fredericton, N.B. with his wife Tina and their animal menagerie, which includes cats Rembrandt and Mortimer and sheltie Porter. To read more of his published work, please visit

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