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Regular Rush Hour Feature

Calgary commuter stuck in five-lane sidebar tabloid traffic. Bicycle couriers jump gutters, drumming up business for tomorrow’s obits. Office tower mastheads blaze petroleum neon. Fifty-floor and counting columns editorialize booming social benefits. Signals flash, but the pedestrian press traipses typos across each intersection, threatening to leave behind an orphan or at least a bleed at […]

What’s New(s)

the man outside the Plaza movie house sells papers written by the poor his sandwich board proclaims the merits of their enterprise he’s there when I go in, again when the film gets out at minus 30 I turn my back count pocket change, resent the sting of bared skin burned cold by currency, try […]

Zone 3 Hardiness

Mid-March, Saturday seed-swap, wool-mittened optimists crowd gardening displays, jostle brown paper packets of organic oregano not to be sown for three more months. Penance for Florida oranges and French merlot: the hundred-mile dictum of wheat and beets and turnips. Calgary community garden collaboration and a collective yearning for lemons and lobster and light. ~ Julie […]