OUR CATEGORY : Rosemary Griebel

St. Stephen’s Church, December Night

And as they entered the great hall winter deep in the bones, feet heavy, finger-tips waxen each one holding the wooden door for the one who was slower, or left behind. Outside the streets iced and wind shined, pocked with the frozen sparkle of spit and phlegm. The snow coming on hard, and the only […]


The white pages of a book The many ways a hand can open and close. The brief darkness of a plan in front of the sun, lives suspended overhead. The way plants eat light – that is holy. The endless voice of the ocean. The streets of early morning when lone lights shine from the […]


God keeps his oath to sparrows who of little love know how to starve. ~ Emily Dickinson Do you think we long for the charity of green fields and thick forests? No, our hearts’ whir is the flock to concrete towers and church spires. Under bridges, over grey houses we ride the long spine of […]

Nature II

You remember the simple smell of dirt driving winter roads to Fort McMurray where malls are overweight with stuffed shoppers who cannot consume enough in this new Eden. As a child you burrowed deep into leaf rot and worm tunnel, inhaled darkness of badger and bone. Paradise: earth, breath, sky above. It was before you […]

Nature I

Tonight, moth wings of snow against the glass, black trees silent. I’m thinking about everything that’s dormant within us. How the frankness of first love falls away into another world. Long ago, with crouched hearts we crept above the sound of parents’ sadness to your narrow room, polished stones and arrow heads on the window […]