when your sister was born
you began collecting stones,
leaves, acorns and buds,
piles of sand and grit.
they are always in your pockets and socks,
the relics of nature.
you busy yourself
like a squirrel who gathers and saves.

nothing is as it was.

the limits of time and space close in on you
large-eyed and taller

it is necessary to forage for stones.

~ Monika Lee

Monika Lee’s poetry has appeared in Dalhousie Review, The Nashwaak Review, Harpweaver, A Room of One’s Own, Event, Atlantis, The Fiddlehead, Antigonish Review, Canadian Literature, Ariel, Quills, Qwerty, and many other journals. She published slender threads (HMS Press 2004) and won the Joan Tovenati Award for Poetry funded by the Canadian Authors’ Association in 2005. She was recently nominated by the Humber College School of Writing for the American Best New Poets anthology. She teaches English Romanticism and creative writing at Brescia University College.

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