So Where Is Huck Finn Anyway?

       this morning is for sitting in a white lawn chair
carefully placed in the Spring green back yard
for reading a book and drinking coffee

it’s the day for watching
sun creatures behind closed eyes
chase each other to their own horizons

but there’s a fence
a brand new brush and a bucket full of stain

the job is assessed as only an artist can
the brush is dipped
dark liquid inhabits the spaces between the soft bristles

brush poised over blankness
then the first pass downward
stain glistens itself into the wood
coaxes out the motif of a wooden canvas
an upward stroke completes

the edges require a more delicate touch
bristles must not disturb the newly painted surface
none leave trickles of anticipation on the next

standing back to examine the work
there are boards and boards and boards
nobody whistling down the lane

~ Bob Stallworthy

Bob Stallworthy has 2 self-published chapbooks and 3 full-length books of poetry published by a recognized publisher. The most recent book of poetry, Optics, Frontenac House 2004, was short-listed for the 2004 W.O. Mitchell City of Calgary Book Prize. In Silhouette: Profiles of Alberta Writers, a non-fiction e-book hosted on the Frontenac House website was launched in 2007. He is a Lifetime member of the Writers Guild of Alberta, a full member of the League of Canadian Poets and a member of the Young Alberta Book Society. “So Where Is Huck Finn Anyway?” is from his next manuscript, Too Small for My Skin.

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