Islet Lake Trail

Handful of wild hazelnuts
the only hard evidence of late September,
a place, where time had lost consciousness for a day
instead of hours
loosened thoughts
through an artistic
catastrophe, paints
spilled in the night by a naughty child,
delirium of little fingers
“look Ma! look!”
In a smudge of light,
an elegant squiggle,
garter snake, suspended
between prime blue, and green
fading to earth.

~ Anna Mioduchowska

Poet, translator, author of stories, essays and book reviews, Anna Mioduchowska has lived in Edmonton most of her life. Her most recent work appears in: Edmonton on Location, River City Chronicles, published by NeWest Press, Writing the Terrain, a poetry anthology, U of Calgary Press, and Dance the Guns to Silence : 100 poems for Ken Saro Wiwa, by Flipped Eye Publishing in London England. Her collection of poetry, In-Between Season, was published by Rowan Books.

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