It is a big


between imaginary lines
marking our mountains
from theirs,
separating our scraggly unshaven spruce
from those beyond
the thin boundry scars
of transit and time

like our women
built for birthing and beating
Big this place,
the boreal crosshatch of powerlines and leaseholds
the oily after-scent of second day clothes
the distance between
pumpjacks and prostitutes
the way we keep it together

hold it apart
and guard what is ours
through squinted rifle sights

~ Margaret Macpherson

Margaret Macpherson is a sometimes poet who is still adjusting to life in Alberta. She has published six books; four historic non fiction books, including a biography of Nellie McClung, a collection of short stories entitled Perilous Departures and, late last year, her first novel Released.

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  1. Wow. Some interesting contrasts in this playfully structured piece.

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