this landscape

how  may i melt into this landscape    this flat flat land    the gas flares dotting
the grass tabletop like kids’ birthday candles one here one there spotty
and fuming the crunchy crabgrass three mows a season the dusty earth

this is not my home yet i stretch for the sky uncaps me my head heart floats up
flies up free from all its Eastern shoulds and dos here there is today now
though that changes quickly or not at all the point is: be prepared for
everything for all kinds of weather in any season snow or sleet or singeing
hot scorchers even when it’s wet it’s dry the earth pushes away the water
so it sits on the surface pooled like mercury escaped from a thermometer until
the clay grabs it until it is driven down by tractor tires churning and
blending gumbo the kind of muck you can’t stop in like quicksand keeps
you on the move on the hoof

alkaline leeches mark empty sloughs cracked and crater-like no water in these
tracks these holes these birthday basins no newborn baby-smooth skin just
crowsfeet and crone’s wrinkles like mummified apples all ancient the
sweetness puckered out

i swim in this dryness dive into this dust skinny dip in sage and spear grass
springboard up into this sky borne sea

~ Kathy Fisher

Kathy Fisher practices poetry out loud. Her collaboration with the Raving Poets Band sparked the production of her first spoken word CD, think of me naked, in 2001. Her voice has been heard on CBC, CJSR and CKUA. In 2002, she appeared nationwide on CBC’s alternative arts program, ZeD TV, in its inaugural week.

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  1. I like the flow of this piece, felt the pop of your words. Nice.

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