the desert makes me lonely but not in a thirsty way
pictures of earth from space are lonely
round blue skinned so thin with cloud and air
water echoes here in the gully and undulation
even lizard flows
a small river over sand
great seas have been and gone
hear the quiet receding
the slow revelation of dry
the way skin and flesh fall away
until the glistening bone is known

~ Kerry Mulholland

Kerry Mulholland is a writer rooted in Alberta’s soil, with loyalties divided between prairie, desert, city and sea. She has performed her poetry for audiences in teahouses, bookstores, jazz bars and under a tent in the rain at a music festival. Her work has been published in anthologies and periodicals and recorded on CDs. She was the winner of the Edmonton Journal’s 2006 poetry contest, and winner of the Alberta 2007 CBC Radio Poetry Face-Off. Trained as a journalist, Kerry has worked as a writer for the provincial government, as a reporter for a small town newspaper, as a coordinator of women’s writing workshops in Canada and New Mexico, as a bookbinder, as a typesetter, and as a program coordinator for the Writers Guild of Alberta. Always, words are near.

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  1. this is good stuff. thanks.

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