To Have the Truth Seen and Recognized

sideways six hours
from noon this light this late
fall sunset lasts half
the day

to the careless eye
everything is brown but
smaller spectrums catch
the sun pushing through thickening
air in tricks of gold, amber,

in the city
we don’t notice the sun
all light is street
light interstitial and weak
mountains are wired with a switch
between the binaries I’ve never
seen the red in your hair so

~ Paul Pearson

Paul Pearson lives and writes in Edmonton where he has been a member of the poetry community for almost two decades. Paul spent a number of years working for the Alberta Government and the Alberta Foundation for the Arts as the Writing and Publishing Consultant. Since moving on to other opportunities within government last year, Paul has re-discovered both the time and energy to write.

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  1. great stuff. thanks.

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