Swimming Lessons

with all of this
facing unknown fate
a will and a purpose lost
touch your feet to the sand and feel
what it means to be one out of many and yet
still not understand the universe that you hold
in the palm of your hand and grasp it tightly with
conviction, knowing and hoping and praying that this
is what is right, that this is the way it should be, but do you
even know what is right at all, the difference between fact and

the lies you have been fed willingly since you were so young, about
the world and its place and your place and where you are where it is
you ask what exists behind the curtain shielded by all of us and we say
nothing, nothing at all, it’s not important for you to see, just the truth

before the clouds shadow the light and the waves kiss your lips
while your thoughts may anguish and ache for dry land you
must always remember where you are now called to be
alive, living and breathing not drowning, slowly losing
consciousness, how much longer can you keep
swimming, keeping your head up, just do it for
a little longer, we know but we won’t say
if no one’s waiting for you on the
other shore, then you’re just
drifting out to sea

~ Andrew David King

Andrew David King was born in Fremont, California on June 11, 1992. With a “demanding and insightful voice” poised to issue unprecedented commentaries on both society and our lives as human beings, he has enjoyed writing since middle school and has written poetry, fiction, and non-fiction pieces. When he’s not putting the pen to paper, he enjoys playing guitar and piano, jamming with his band, swimming, doing collage, discussing politics, composing music, searching for the Holy Grail, and observing the world around him with a critical eye. He has been a winner of the Martin Luther King Jr. Art and Essay Contest for the city of Hayward, California, and his visual art has been on display at the Oakland Museum of California. He is currently a freshman at Moreau Catholic High School, and lives in Hayward with his family.

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  1. great stuff

    the bio is a little much, though – just say you’re fifteen and then write like this and people will be impressed – no need for manufactured hype.

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