old friend,
trapped in lonely
web-lined skin,
a tent on brittle bones,
release your breath
release your life from a body
dying into dust.

heavy in my arms,
in deep narcotic sleep,
cancer pain at bay,
her head lies soft
against my chest.

at the window
a curtain of branches, weeps
a sweep of air
waits for you.

clouds gather
into billowed drifts
like energies on a life horizon.

your last breath
like cirrus cloud
on the endless
prairie sky.

~ Kathie Sutherland

Kathie Sutherland’s word paintings have appeared in several Edmonton Stroll of Poet’s yearly anthologies, on the Women-of-Heart website, once in CV2, and in cards for friends. She lives, writes and celebrates the art of journaling from her home in Fort Saskatchewan.

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