cattle country

range steers lumber,
a slow meander, nodding
in a buzz of august heat.

folks murmur
in a thin shade,
lean back, ankles crossed.
on a plank table,
summer supper is pushed away.

at sunset, night drifts in
on the cool breeze
dries the skin,
quivers the aspens,
breathes billows
into silken skirts of firelight.

dusk settles,
a blanket of silence
over the heat;
and trickster sings
voice quavering
across the full round moon.

~ Kathie Sutherland

Kathie Sutherland’s word paintings have appeared in several Edmonton Stroll of Poet’s yearly anthologies, on the Women-of-Heart website, once in CV2, and in cards for friends. She lives, writes and celebrates the art of journaling from her home in Fort Saskatchewan.

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