Soon strangers will
Only know you,
Will only
Learn of you,
Via stone tablet,
Carefully carved
With name, dates,
And plethora of
Various other terms,
Which summarise,
Failing to cup
The all you were.

The deserved novel,
Too much of
A chipped labour,
The walls of
Your once home,
Wouldn’t even suffice.

The grass around,
Will grow
And be tamed,
Flowers will wilt,
And be replaced
By fresher notions.

Life must continue
As it must,
Certain clocks cannot
Be wound back.

~ Enzo Marra

Enzo Marra ia a painter and poet based in Brighton. Having been an active member of the Brighton Nightwriters for a number of years, he has recently been accepted for publication in a number of literary journals, both within Britain and the USA.

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