Prairie Gardener

She prepares the soil
where her grandmother’s hands
planted root crops,
harvested rhubarb,
coaxed lettuce,
tender cucumbers
and onion sets.
Beans and peas will
Climb poles in the same rows
Her mother worked.

Nursed in winter months
In compost and peat moss,
February seedlings spout with vigor
Eager for transplant.

At night she shelters them
Inside the potting shed and
Wheels them out each morning
On a converted hospital gurney.

She has patience.
The soil must be warm
Before she discharges
Her young patients from
The intensive care unit.

After morning’s labour
She rests and watches snow geese
gliding low
across the flyway to the pond.
She calls them her east-west migrators
privileged to winter on Wabamun Lake
and summer in Spruce Grove

Dark twill cotton pants
Tucked into dusty work socks,
Fine hair wild in the breeze,
She sips mint tea
From blue Japanese porcelain

Two wild kittens move furtively
Among the catnip under the fragrant
Mayday tree.

~ Dawn Curran

Dawn Curran is a member of the Alberta Writers’ Guild and was short listed as a finalist in the ARC Poetry Magazine’s 2006 Poem of the Year Contest. She has contributed to Abilities Magazine #59 Summer 2004 and Good Times Magazine Nov. 2004. Her poem “Kelowna Fire” was part of the Kelowna Art Gallery Exhibition Feb. 2004.

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