will you know i mean you

when I marvel at your feet, soft and velvet-heeled
how the narrowness of them settled into thin places of the world
only to come this great distance
through universe and cloud
prayer and benediction
to find themselves planted in the afternoon
of this ripe season of my life
will you know I mean you

when I lean into the tall stance of your long body
that makes me into a whispering mary
a distillation of Jerusalem
a wing of angel light
how the gentle sweep of moving against you
or with you
how your thighs and the line of your hip
press me into a pattern that fits you
the way a shadowbox , a cloud, a piece of liturgy fits itself
every corner or angle or soft place
spoken for
will you know I mean you

when I tie my arms around your waist
and your fingers flutter the celestial dance
against my back
and the chest and arms of you
circle me like a trinity
like a piece of holiness shifting its weight
like a movement of worship
or spellbound bliss
into a solid length of care I hear
beating gently against my ear
will you know I mean you

and when your hands,
oh the tenderness of your hands
waft their hymns through me and in me
when the flurry of delicate madness you bring me to
is a reflection in your eyes
drawing me into their single round centers
mirroring everything we are and are not to each other
will you know I mean you

and when I say the geography of your face and your mouth
are the inroads to allow my entrance to your heart
they are the two most single momentums
to move me into peace
stun me to quiet contemplation
when I say that your face is always the safest place I return to
will you know I mean you

~ Barbara Mitchell

Barbara Mitchell has recently had poetry accepted with Room, Lucidity Journal, Toward the Light, and an Anthology of Healing and Recovery. Her work has appeared in numerous other publications in the past and she is currently involved in giving writing/poetry workshops as well as being called upon to be a poetry judge for international poetry contests.

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