Someone forgot they had children tonight…

Four years old
and they found her like that
a crumpled heap of grief in the shade
a crown of poverty bruised her head
hunger leaned into her cheeks
and the scrappings of her dress
held together thin bones
locked in fear

Someone forgot the child tonight
and didn’t come home
didn’t see how she fed herself
on the absence
of mother and father
how her posture curled into a tiny cage of ribs
to protect her heart
or the way her dreams
dried up in her eyes

Four years old
and they found her like that
hunched in anguish
rehearsing her abandonment
in daily ritual

~ Barbara Mitchell

Barbara Mitchell has recently had poetry accepted with Room, Lucidity Journal, Toward the Light, and an Anthology of Healing and Recovery. Her work has appeared in numerous other publications in the past and she is currently involved in giving writing/poetry workshops as well as being called upon to be a poetry judge for international poetry contests.

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