The Grownup Table

The Vanebridges showed up for the dinner-party,
uninvited, & late. Virgil nearly brought this up

in front of his guests, but merely retired to the
empty coat-room. He hid underneath the coats,

alongside the blackened pot roast. The two spoke
in code; they hid together a lot. Hayward would

later peel away the coats & rescue his lover, but
for now, he was mingling with Carmela Bush. He

was also ignoring Constance Vanebridge, whose
husband, Napoleon was fingering the equator of

Virgil’s ornamental globe. Napoleon was looking for
the secret opening to the liquor cabinet. There was a

knock at the door. Hayward opened it: it was Mr.
Axeman, the axe man. He still had his hood on.

The masked ball is next Thursday, said Hayward,
here Morton, I’ll add your hood to the coats.

~ Ryan Bird

Ryan Bird’s poems make regular appearances in some of Canada’s most suppositious literary magazines, including: Free Verse Good, Free Prose Bad; The Backslap Quarterly and Rage Against the Colophon. His poems have also made more substantial, if not intermittent, appearances in Carousel, dANDelion, & filling Station. Please visit his blog, Robot Kissing Booth.

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