Healing Lake

His life ended
in the midst of our love,
a happy man just seconds before.
I smile and remember,
praise life with him,
connection and all we shared,
thinking of our daughter’s beauty,
many lively exchanges,
an essay on the duality
of human nature:
the grandeur and misery
in us all,

We had thorny choices
to make,
whether to buy a home,
write a thesis,
proceed with surgery.
Or go fishing,
gaze at rocks and evergreens,
listen to the moaning loons
under restless sky.
Or swim in the healing lake.
Its magical waters soothed
our bodies, helped us to feel in tune,
forget our cares.

We spent our days Up North
in a small rotting cottage in town
full of love and regret.
A baby owl in our backyard
woke us at five, startled with her call,
told me to get going,
struggle with poems,
as I approached the window
to admire a rabbit’s soft brown fur.
At last my lover
prepared himself
for a joyous meeting
with the unfathomable lake.
The lures were not
in his tackle box.

~ Cornelia Hornosty

Cornelia Hornosty has published poetry in literary magazines such as Harpweaver, Event, CV2, Fiddlehead, Grain, Room of One’s Own, Monday’s Poem, Malahat Review, Windsor Review, and Nashwaak Review. Her short fiction has appeared in Pottersfield Portfolio, New Quarterly and Dalhousie Review. Three poetry collections have been published by Borealis Press in Ottawa and a chapbook by Leaf Press titled Small Lake with Pine Trees in 2003. A new collection titled Ordinary Days was published in December, 2007 by Ekstasis Editions in Victoria.

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  1. Beautiful poem, filled with honesty and strong imagery. I love the narrative tale woven with care, like a patchwork quilt stitched with love.

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