Autumn Dawn

At her leisure    She
opens the curtains
walks out onto her balcony
invites you
to have a look.
Slowly She rises
hushes you in
charms you.
The wind’s rush lifts
her summer nightgown
over her head
slips her sun burnished arms
out of slim shoulder straps
and the grace of its falling
leaves you dizzy.
That’s when She
gathers you up
whirls you
like a dervish
in all that lavishness—
holds you to herself
dances you into the universe against
gravity’s love of fall.
She whispers in your ear,
“Spend it all.”
Autumn dawn
is a courtesan.

~ Pierrette Requier

Pierrette Requier, facilitator of the Wind Eye Poetry Seminars for 8 years, has been involved in the Edmonton poetry performance scene for 16 years. She has read in many venues across Alberta and has recently completed manuscript of prose poems in a bilingual (English/français) Northern Alberta dialect. Eleven of her pieces will appear in February 2008 in Other Voices, Edmonton’s Journal of the Literary and Visual Arts.

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