In Transition

My writing hand is as frozen as the birch
branch outside the cabin window—
the branch quivers in intervals as if knowing
my longing to ink a blank page with meaning,
just as I know that a chickadee’s flight pattern
has ended on a branch below my view.

This stillness with intermittent quivers induces
feeling like finishing a third glass of wine
then choosing to go to sleep rather than
drink more, and only when storm-wind feelings
stir or issues bang against thoughts like a hundred
flies in autumn hitting a sun-heated window,
will the flight of words arrive.

~ Sandra Mooney Ellerbeck

Sandra’s poetry reflects a diverse spectrum: appearing in literary journals, magazines, anthologies, newspapers, greeting cards, cafes, visual art, songs, radio, and on-line. She facilitates poetry and art workshops, and works as a Library Assistant at the Edmonton Public Library. She is a past president of the Stroll of Poets Society and has served as coordinator for many of their events. Sandra continues to be part of the CORTEX, a multidisciplinary art project that links artists together to create new work to share during Poetry Week. She also created, coordinates, and hosts the Discovery Café in Edmonton, a philosophy café that also celebrates music and poetry. Just recently, work appeared in CV2, FreeFall, Notebook, and several poems will appear on Barrio Art/Posters distributed across Canada in libraries, bookstores, and cafes. Haiku is featured on, and popular U.S. on-line site and publication: Heron’s Nest. Sandra was also part of Poets Across Borders:

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