Writing the Land released into the wild

In response to a challenge issued by the Alberta Arts Day team, we have released a copy of Writing the Land: Alberta Through its Poets into the wilds of Edmonton. The team has challenged Albertans to promote and celebrate Alberta authors and publishers by releasing a book via bookcrossing.com. Releasing a book involves registering it and leaving it in a public place for a stranger to find.

The Arts Day team suggests that books should be written by an Albertan, published by an Alberta publisher, or references Alberta in some way. As Writing the Land qualifies in all three categories, we thought it would be a perfect fit.

If you happen to be in Southgate Mall, in Edmonton, Alberta, during the next day or so, keep your eyes open, as you may find a copy of Writing the Land. If you do happen to pick it up, please go to bookcrossing.com and let us know what happened to it.

For more information about the challenge, visit:

For more information about Alberta Arts Day, visit:

If you are not lucky enough to find this copy of Writing the Land, copies are available for purchase through our printer Red Pill Press, as well as the Alberta book stores listed here.

Happy Hunting!

Angela Kublik and Dymphny Dronyk
Editors, Writing the Land

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