geese calling

it’s always distant
the fractured call of wild geese
as it is now, high and distant
and breaking, after the first note
to a deeper key
creating a plaintive yodel of sorts
though scrambled today
as they battle the rushing air;
their call is the sound of the north

and there is rain
a bleak fall drizzle
dampening down the fall smoke
from surrounding farms
and this fierce wind
which addles their orderly chevron
as they head into it
battling relentlessly
to follow an ancient imprinted path
which takes them over the supermarket
whose wind-blown flag cracks like a whip

I both love them and pity them
these prolific wanderers, stalwart survivors
programmed to battle the elements
who define our seasons
signalling both our winter and spring
with their journeying
who never fail to stir the wanderlust
in those of us compelled to stay

though some, we know
responding unwittingly
to global warming
never leave their mill pond now
their little watery habitat
in the middle of this town
that they share with us
a town as much theirs as ours

~ Don Mulcahy

Don Mulcahy was born in Clydach, Wales. He became a Canadian citizen in 1969 and now lives in Strathroy, Ontario. He writes poetry and prose following an academic career in dentistry. He has previously been published in professional journals, The Edmonton Journal, the CHS Newsletter (Wales), The Prairie Journal, Matrix, Coffee House Poetry (U.K.), iota (U.K.), Verse Afire, fait accomplit, blood ink, Tower Poetry, the Antigonish Review, and the anthologies Butterfly Thunder and Ascent Aspirations, Spring 2008 edition. He is currently seeking a publisher for a 59-author immigration anthology and for a poetry collection titled Existence Theory and 127 Other Poems. He founded the new Strathroy Writers’ Group in 2007. He also paints, having held a one-man show at the Strathroy-Caradoc Public Art Gallery for the month of August 2007.

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