Aberdeen Beach

sweaters are in vogue today, ashen clouds sail
as ships before a stiff wind.

tide’s out.
we pad along the golden shore, rumbling surf,
hurdle groynes, pity the washed-up jellyfish,
watch a tern glide and dive in the swells,
an oyster catcher pokes holes in sand.

you reminisce your childhood
and ask me to touch the chilled North Sea.

I want to stay —
overlooking the beach,
we lunch on haddock and chips
and share fond memories of quiet journeys,
other places loved

~ Nicole Faucher

Born in Vancouver, Nicole Faucher graduated from Carleton University, Ottawa, with a Combination Major in English and Religious Studies in 1985. Under the pen name Nicole Matthews, she has short stories and poetry published in Canadian and American magazines including The Pedestal, Mocha Memoirs, Island Writer (formerly Write Away), Inscribed, and Quills Canadian Poetry Magazine. She has worked in research, art and government communications. Nicole is a night-owl writer and an Activity Aide for seniors by day. She has lived in Ontario, the Northwest Territories, and is presently living with her husband on the Songhees First Nation in Victoria. Both she and her husband travel whenever they can.

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  1. Makes me feel nostalgic, even though I’ve never been to Aberdeen – I can see the gritty beach and the life and movement.

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