Loose Connections

The landscape of your sorrow: a house
fallen, in the dark. You follow him

longingly, your knees in his footprints.
Loose connections, a workable love. You

need a fall back position to memory
that is split, tiled, broken; like satellite

transmissions. The winds pick up gently
and the landscape passes by. You turn

to catch a flash of colour, the briefest
flicker of illumination. Then it moves, leaps

off the terrace, and turns out the light. Death
is a kind of a ladder. Keeping safe is

essential. In the dark, he follows you
through the landscape of your sorrow.

~ Valerie Bean

Valerie (Poulin) Bean is the author of poems, essays, and a non-fiction book for aspiring actors. A Shaunt Basmajian Chapbook Award finalist, in 2003, her poetry has appeared in Misunderstandings magazine, Jones Av., Coffee House Poetry (Wales), Erato (U.S.), The Prairie Journal, and Elan, a Regina Weese Collection. Valerie blogs for a regional newspaper and contributes to online magazines and posts her fiction on issuu.com. She works as a technical writer in the pharmaceutical industry.

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  1. Nice poem, Val.

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