I Love You

You said you’d sold your car:
It was no longer reliable.

You’ve bought a new one,
Which suits you perfectly.

Your voice was full of joy.
You were excited.

I said it was good news
And asked about the old car.

It was returned to the dealer.
Good riddance, you said.

Soon you’ll show me
Your new beautiful toy.

I know it is gorgeous, however
I am upset about selling the old one.

Nobody knows why I feel so sad,
Not even you.

And I miss it, because
In the back seat of the old car

You kissed me
For the first time.

~ Farida Samerkhanova

Farida Samerkhanova lives in Toronto. English is her third language after Tatarian and Russian. She studied in Russia to be a translator, interpretor, and educator. Her poetry has previously appeared in Maynard.

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