door to the wild

the wind before storm
rushes over the campground
ruffling canopy, prickling raindrops, billowing tarp
tatters of cloud, holes full of sunlight
a whirlwind of dust crosses the road

the aspen canopy whispers
to grassy marsh meadows
where hushed leaves brush
the bones of dead trees

on the trail with our wolf dog,
who’s hot on the scent
muscles are tense, ready to sprint

released, she’s gone
trailing a white-tail deer
bounding away
into the tangle of woods

at the door to the wild, to our whistle
she comes, breath in a huff, tongue lolling
pointing us home
to the taste of woodsmoke
and games with chattering squirrels

~ Kathie Sutherland

Recently, Kathie Sutherland’s writing has appeared in Silver Boomers Anthology of Prose and Poetry, on Leaf Press’ website as a Monday’s Poem as well as on the Word-of-Heart website. She continues to present journaling workshops focused on personal development at various venues in the Edmonton area.

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