Odds ‘n Suds

It’s 2 am and the bars are
closing. Too many
voices on the streets
of Jasper,
sleep undone.

From my Athabasca Hotel
window I see
beer-movements along
Prince Street
taxis humming in their quest
for fares, some drinkers
preferring to
stagger homeward.

“LF? You know
somethin’?” someone shouts.
“You’re ugly too,” an
added bonus.

Conversations continue,
a collage
of opinions,
listen to their
energy, a boozy mix
girls and guys
patterns in time. I ask

patience for these lives,
and forgive
them for natural urges as they
climb the Rocky
Mountains in their dreams.

~ Richard L. Provencher

Richard L. Provencher believes writing poetry is more like a global adventure, in a land without borders. He is published in Tower Poetry, The New Quarterly, The Dublin Quarterly, Creekwalker, The Windsor Review, Carousel, Quills Poetry, Poetry Sky, The Caper Times, and many other journals. His poetry Chapbook “In the Light of Day” is available from Mercutio Press. Richard and his wife, Esther, live in Truro, Nova Scotia.

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