The Sand Remembers

: your footprints
your careful swagger
how you worried about your protruding hip bones
the way you rattled in your frame.

We are here again and somehow
there is time for dawdling for
kicking stone after stone into the curling waves.

You collected bottle caps
surfacing them with nimble toes and
with a quick toss you’d
pocket them, without looking at the face you
never left anyone behind.

~ Nicole Pakan

Nicole Pakan is an active member of the Edmonton arts community as a poet, painter, printmaker, potter and photographer. She is the Co-Editor for the international online and print literary journal DailyHaiku. Her recent publications include: filling Station, The Prairie Journal, Other Voices, Notebook Magazine, the Stroll of Poets Anthology, and Fait Accomplit. She was also shortlisted for the CV2 2-day poem contest for 2008.

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