Poems for Obama

A project that may be of interest to blue skies poetry readers:

“Poems for Obama is a project started by Kaimana Wolff of the Powell River Live Poets’ Guild. She was inspired by listening to CBC about their project, Obama’s Playlist. She decided that since Obama was such a literary guy, that he would probabaly appreciate poetry as much as music and then wondered why no one had thought of this yet.

So was born the project — 49 poems from north of the 49th parallel that tell Obama what it means to be Canadian — what Canada means to us — as a gift for his inauguration. The poems will be published into a book (working title is Poems for Obama but if you’ve got a better idea, send it on in!) and sent to him, signed, sometime in the beginning half of 2009. Like all good brainstorms, this one happened last-minute, so we can’t get it finished before the 20th of January — we know this. However, we are contacting the Office of the President-Elect to let him know what’s going on, and that he’ll be getting the book soon.”

The Powell River Live Poets’ Guild will be accepting submissions until January 31, 2009. For more information, visit http://poemsforobama.wordpress.com/.

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