World Affairs

Not television per se 
or the chair holding you
instead of the couch
where I sit, remote
control out of my hands

Her —

I’m jealous
of the two of you

Every night at six o’clock
I’m dropped like a fork
for the evening news your need to know
what the world did today
Or so you say

And in a way
you’re right as rain
since weather follows news
sure as I follow you downstairs
through war in Afghanistan
bombings in Beirut, death
toll counted

like legs on a hassock
the screen clearing for Weather Girl –
her maps of Canada a dance of veils
arms sweeping hips swinging
warm air masses predicted
heat waves
waving across your mid-west
private country —

no wars no winter
no wife.

~ Katherine Lawrence

Katherine Lawrence writes from Saskatoon. She has written two books of poetry (both published by Coteau Books) and a short fiction chap book (Jack Pine Press). Her award winning work has been published, broadcast and staged both provincially and nationally.

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  1. Truth or fiction? How true is this for guys interested in the weather =at least just fiction or worse if true to life when someone you thought was true is not???

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