Man of Glass

Sleep is averting its eyes
just like you were,
refusing to hypnotize me into tomorrow.
My eyes can’t stop flicking through
the broken pieces of this night,

the fragments that were
almost perfect. Tonight had other plans,
set us up to fall
into the surface of its image
and shatter it on impact.

My apologies don’t fit the pieces
back together.

The sleep I rushed to greet
at the end of evening is hesitating
at each corner, making me chase it
through the maze of my mistakes.
My fingers fumbled the wholeness
I found in you tonight,

made me realize
just how fragile each minute,
how vulnerable the night sky,
how exposed our contentment is.

And as I wait for sleep
to wash over me, I realize that
I have become a man of glass,

hoping that your fingers won’t slip
and leave me scattered
across the floor of this night.

~ Josh Stewart

Josh Stewart is a recent graduate of the University of Toronto. He aspires to one day earn a living. His work has been published in several literary magazine you have probably never heard of, and one or two you may know. His first chapbook, Invention Of The Curveball, is was released in November 2008.

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