Trying To Fathom Love

“I like shiny things….I used to steal them,”
my friend, weathered from homelessness and drugs,
says to me when we both sit inside a zipped canopy bed at Zaiko Hospital.

My seven year old daughter calls gleefully from inside the bathtub,
“open the towel wide like a bird’s wings that fly.”

At supper time, my ten year old son reflects upon our walk that afternoon and exclaims,
“my thoughts got picked up on the bus and zoomed on by!!”

over the grains of milky white sand.

A lone grass in the dirt watches two macaws kiss passionately on a branch
In a banyan tree.

~ Lisa Tara Eden

Lisa Tara Eden is a mother of two children, writer, and community support worker living in Edmonton, Alberta.

2 Responses to “Trying To Fathom Love”

  1. I love this line “open the towel wide like a bird’s wings that fly,” it is like something my daughter once said at our cottage.It is funny how small moments can resonate over the years. This is beautiful poem.

  2. A lovely poem.

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