Damsel Flies

(at Gaetz Lakes Sanctuary in Red Deer)

I once saw a pond
covered with damsel flies,
the Boreal Bluet,
thousands of them
packed so closely together
the surface of the water
was a shimmering sapphire
under the reeling sun.

It was quiet in the forest
except for the cascading notes
of a Sora Rail.
The muskrat,
luxurious in fur,
kept quiet in her lodge
near the cattails.

If you had been there
you would no longer
argue whether
there is
is not
a God.

You would know
what matters is
the red eye of the loon,
the scalloped wings of a crow
cutting through air
precisely as scissors,
the rough roots of trees
clutching the earth like fists,
and the collective transcendence
of damsel flies
more beautiful than hope.

~ Marlene Dean

Marlene Dean has lived in Alberta since 1970. A teacher, she has taught in the public school system and at the University of Lethbridge. Her writing has appeared in publications such as the ATA newsletter and the Lethbridge Herald, Tesseracts 5 and Writing the Land: Alberta Through its Poets. Currently, Marlene Dean is co-producer of “Stone Soup Anthology” an audio program broadcast nationally by the VoicePrint Broadcasting Service.

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  1. The heart of the matter – what matters – your reverence – a reminder that natural beauty is the fodder for our soul.

    Thank you so very much for this gift of reunion.

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