Let Us Pray

Come join me in my esoteric eastern rituals
Together we will sit silently, reverently
In peace and discovery

We shall watch our thoughts drift by
As if clouds in the sky
We’ll clear our minds of everything
Again and again
Until we’re left with nothing
Between us and reality

Together we shall uproot
All of our negativities
Negate the hand of greed
That feeds our insatiable needs

we’ll weed out the bad seeds +
spread the good word

That from grace we did not fall +
That love is all and all is love

I feel the mighty mighty pull of the way +
I hope that it’s not to late
That we haven’t wasted the day

So let us sit
Silently, reverently
Let us pray

~ Greg Schmidt

Greg Schmidt lives in Beaverlodge with his family where he works as an electrician, meditates and writes poetry. His work previously appeared in Writing the Land: Alberta Through its Poets.

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