Sunset w/ Hunter & his Hell’s Angels

Sitting in a worn out
Fold out camp seat
Reading H.S.T.’s Hell’s Angels
Sipping on brandy-orange
Last of the day’s sun withering on my face
& on my cucumbers
They have spots & many of the leafs have wilted
Perhaps diseased & dying
I chew on this a while,
Drink to the bounty they’ve given me
Nod my head back into the book
Where I find this phrase
“I knew all the outlaws
Lived in cities,
Where the price of a six-pack ranges
From $0.79 to $1.25”
I’m comfortable w/ the carriage of time
Say as seen whipping by
On a diseased & dying vine
But 79 cents for a six-pack
Back in California, 1965
Conjures up all kinds of romantic thinking in me
& I rehash some old folk wisdom
Can while you can
& pickle in the prime of the vine

~ Piotr Pawlowski

Piotr Pawlowski was born in Poland in 1983. Unemployed & unemployable he resides in St. Catharines Ontario. Last year was a pretty good one for Piotr. He fell of a cliff, quit the donut factory he worked at & went out west. His poem “Harvest Barn Dumpster” was published in the summer in Saving Bannister vol. 23. Shortly after he was voted Niagara’s 2nd best writer by the readers of Pulse Magazine. Things are looking up.

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