Snap of The Sightseeing Self

Billowing black raincoat
Muddy knees muddy boots
Grey hair long and

Damp with the deluge
escaping from whatever
I would use to hold it

Camera encumbered
Porting the paper burden
of maps notes brochures

Stalking the perfect
moment when the sun bursts
through the roiling clouds

The curve of road
opens up hill and sky
and the green land spills below

Or crawling into what’s
human-built so old
the years humble me

Till I am exactly
Planck’s length—so impossibly
immeasurably small

You can hold me
with just one

~ Neile Graham

Neile Graham is a Canadian writer living in Seattle, Washington. Her poems have been published in various Canadian and American journals, including Canadian Literature, Calyx, and The Malahat Review. She has three full-length poetry collections, most recently Blood Memory (BuschekBooks 2000), and a CD, She Says: Poems Selected and New (The Alsop Review Press, 2007).

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