the real question?

I remember this time when
I was at Van Gogh exhibition
in Amsterdam museum of art,
and now I can recall all the colors
all the shades, all the frames,
how these nuances and tinctures
exploding in my eyes and brain.
but the thing that I remember most
are the Dutch, blond girls in the museum,
with their long legs, low cut skirts, their
tender, white skin and their eyes, yes,
these warm- hole eyes.

now I think that this doesn’t depreciate
the enormous importance of Vincent
in our modern culture,
just explains what kind of man
I am.

~ Peycho Kanev

Peycho Kanev is 28 years old. He loves to listen to sad music while he drinks slowly his beer. His work has been published in Word Riot, Gloom Cupboard, Poetry Cemetery, Nerve Cowboy, The Chiron Review, The Guild of Outsider Writers, Spoken War, Side of Grits and many others. He loves to put the word down and not talking on the cell phone for days. He is nominated for Pushcart Award. His new poetry collection which is collaboration with the poet Felino Soriano and the Editor Edward Wells is out now and can be found at He lives in Chicago. Alone.

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