rushing inference, imminent insight
suddenly its clear, a gut feeling
swooning, reeling,
cross-connected hemi-sphere
syncopated, reverberated, totally aware

open bi-ways, ahh blue-sky days, making up my mind
synapses shiver, axons quiver, dendrites deliver
‘lectrik-neurons fire suddenly in time

aha! aha! oh gawd I see, I ran around ‘n cried
a fool I’ve been, all along its there, right in front of me

with a grin ‘n a nod ‘n twinkly-looking ’round
raised my arms ‘n slapped my thighs
‘n made a ruckus sound —

donned my hat ‘n set it skewed
upon my big bright head
set off to town in an uplifted mood
while whistling a sweet sound
forgot what I had found


there’s a hole in my head
where the wounds of reason seep
all words are dead inside my head
whats left is dark ‘n deep


I’ll always live
and always die
on the event horizon
of my minds eye
where the flash
of neuronal fires
flower into
sudden infinity —

~ Jerry Whalley

I write upon realities slippery surface with this my pensive pen,
flowing into the resistance of existence – I ink therefore I am


I’m an aspiring Poet living in North Vancouver
Canada where I work ‘n bike ‘n kayak —
I ride my bike up the Mountain to the sky
and fly back down while wondering why
the Mountain dreams in streams rushing to the Sea
where the waves all gather but disagree
about the many glimmering Suns bobbing around
and whether they are jewels the Mountain found

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