Opening into Nothingness

Sitting alone on the edge of a dock
as early morning fog rolls
over a lake as still as a whisper,

you can’t see the other shore –
no horizon,
simply grey water blending
into grey fog
into grey sky,
an opening into nothingness.
You can imagine how you would look

from the other side
(if there was one):
a solitary, unmoving figure,
kept company only by his reflection,
a colourful splash
surrounded by a monochromatic universe,
an impossibly small, hunched creature
staring into the unknown and feeling
marvelously overwhelmed.

But it is exactly this image
and the desire to destroy it

that creates the temptation to slip
back into the water,
where your reflection and your true self
will collide, and merge

so that you will be a united presence
as your head bobs above the water
and you swim out into the grey unknown

seeking the other shore
you know will never appear.

~ Josh Stewart

Josh Stewart is a University of Toronto graduate, an assistant editor with Inscribed ~ A Magazine For Writers, and an editorial intern at Descant. He likes Tuesdays, hats, and sushi.

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